What to Say? 5 Note Taking Apps to Catch Every Word

In the information age (and multitasking), it can be difficult to track to-dos, to-read, and ponders from all of us. Enter note-taking apps:

These elegant note taking apps tools will allow you to capture and organize your every thought and inspiration.

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1. Evernote – Notes Organizer & Daily Planner


Why we love this

  1. Organize everything, from business card contacts to spontaneous thoughts, in this feature-filled app
  2. Embed photos, audio, checklists, sketches, and more in a single note
  3. Search for text within images and notes (both typed and handwritten), and even in PDFs with premium

This strong note taker packs an entire package into one accessible package. Share notes with different permissions levels, link notes to each other, and edit saved webpages.

Note that you will need to upgrade for several important features – such as syncing to more than two devices or uploading more than 60 MB per month.

2. Google Keep – Notes and Lists

google keep
Google Keep

Why we love this

  1. A colorful, pinboard-style interface makes for seamless idea-gathering, list-making, and note-scanning
  2. Access your notes on all your devices – they’ll sync across your phone, tablet, laptop, and watch
  3. Dictate thoughts, and Keep will add both the audio clip and transcription to your note

Put ideas, annotated images, and checklists in a digital wall of perfectly glued notes.

You can organize (and filter) notes by color, category, and tag, with the remaining pinned notes at the top.

Deleted notes are stored, so you can search for them even while keeping your screen clean.

3. NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sync


Why we love this

  1. Visually appealing Notebook will have you looking forward to organizing notes and completing checklists
  2. Choose from over 30 notebook covers (or upload your own), and grid (square) or landscape-style notecards
  3. A fun interface invites you to pinch color-coded notes to stack them, then double-tap to expand the stack

With notebooks, stacking and swiping through notes is a pleasure – as is creating them. Choose between audio, image, text, sketch and checklist notes (or mix them all) with text effects including highlights and hyperlinks.

You can also upload PDFs and scan documents – although you won’t need to leave the app to see them.

4. Squid – Take Notes & Markup PDFs


Why we love this

  1. This note-taking experience is as close to handwriting as you’ll find, short of putting pen to paper
  2. Adjust your brush’s thickness and color – and turn on optional pressure sensitivity (for stylus use)
  3. Mark up imported PDFs (a premium feature) and images, and easily adjust image size

Writing with Squid is surprisingly intuitive, and a useful tutorial adds additional guidance. Special tools, such as the “True” eraser (to remove fractions of strokes) and highlighter, plus background engineering graph paper to music composition paper, are available for purchase with pack or subscription.

5. Dropbox Paper

dropbox paper

Why we love this

  1. Make note-taking collaborative and easily share ideas in this team-focused workspace
  2. Share and comment on “docs,” and assign to-dos with email-triggering notifications
  3. Edit starred and recent docs or create new ones, even when you’re offline

With the rich formatting of paper, you can resize text, add bullets, insert links, and more.

We like how the Tasks menu pulls from Docs to DOS, sorted by date or file.

We expect mobile apps to look on the desktop; Currently, media links do not load previews, and although GIFs are loaded via links (!), You cannot insert them via the keyboard.

Source: Google Play Store

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