Top Tech Gadgets Accessories and Setups for Working from Home

Today, we’re going to be checking out top tech gadgets accessories and setups for working from home. 

So let’s quickly get started now this was one of the most interesting and requesting blogs and it took us a long time to research and find all the products that I found fit for this particular setup.

1. WOODWARE Foldable Desk

Let’s start off with the first product the first product assumes that you’re also looking for a table but you don’t have to look at this product if you already have a table, this will also work on a dining table or any desk that you may have around your house but if you’re looking for a desk we found this simple desk it’s called the WOODWARE Foldable Table and we found it for just 4950/-.

You can buy from the Tech Refuel Shop below.


Now we wanted to pair the table with a really nice chair and we found this feather light revolving desk chair now this is a really good fit because it’s not a very massive chair but it’s got quite a lot of flexibility. 

It’s got a comfortable seating position and good ergonomics even though it’s not a fully ergonomic chair that can run up really high in price.

So if you’re looking for something that is truly ergonomic this is definitely not that but this is a good chair to get working from home with the comfort that you need. You can buy from the Tech Refuel Shop below.

3. Philips Lamp

Now next up we wanted to complete the desk and give it a nice lamp a modern design not taking too much space so we picked up this Philips a geometry lamp now this is a relatively dim light and that is by choice because this is designed to give you a good amount of light for reading or for working on the computer without giving you any kind of eye strain.

So if you’re working on your computer and your keyboard doesn’t have a backlight this will be perfect for that and I also like the modern design the gooseneck allows you to completely move the light around gives you lots of flexibility which is again required for the kind of workflow situation that we guys are in now.

So it connects via usb which means you can plug it into your computer or your laptop directly and it has a micro usb port on the back so you can swap out cables if you need to and if you want to put it in different places you can just have two cables laying around and you can just simply go plug this in and it becomes a lamp.

4. JBL Wireless Headphones

If you’re using headphones which you would if you’re doing a lot of web calls or video calls zoom calls facetime skype whatever you’re using, you need to have a nice pair of headphones so we do have two headphones that we want to recommend one is the JBL Bluetooth Headphones. You can checkout the other variants of JBL Headphones as well.

Now these are slightly more expensive, these are priced at 2999/-  but they do come in a bunch of colors, have impressive 11 hours of usage capabilities, have an inbuilt microphone and deliver lots of comfort they’re extremely lightweight and have a good amount of audio.

5. boAt Rockerz Headphone

Whether you’re listening to music or good amounts of audio whether you’re on call so these are definitely recommended if you’re looking for a truly wire free experience and a good connectivity between your machine whether it’s a laptop or a tablet and between the headphones if you’re looking for something that is a little more traditional we recommend the boAt Rockerz 400 Bluetooth Headphone. Click below to know more about the Headphone

6. Foldable Bluetooth Keyboards

Now next up we want to recommend some keyboards for you guys and we’ve got a bunch of keyboards right here. 

So we’ll start off with the SAKO foldable Bluetooth keyboard now we featured this in the past as well but this is something that we really find useful now this is a foldable Bluetooth keyboard.

It also has a trackpad and it works with laptops as well as tablets so you can place your laptop away possibly on a stand and raise up the height so that you don’t have to reach to type and this allows you to get the position that you want to get in to get a more comfortable typing position.

If you’re looking for something more serious I’d definitely recommend Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Living Room Keyboard

7. Wireless Mouse

On the go this one is definitely the best one out of the lot that we are recommending now to pair this up we do have the logitech pebble m350 mouse and we recommended this mouse in the past. Now this is a Bluetooth mouse and because of that the price is also high.

If you want other series of mouse, I can recommend checking out Logitech Mouse and you will definitely like it.

On the other hand, if you are seriously looking for a gaming mouse then we have the Offbeat RIPJAW 2.4Ghz Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse, you can check it out, you can easily find these on our shop.

8. Headphone Hook Holder

Now if you’re using headphones you’d also want to organize your headphones a little bit so we recommend using this aluminum headphone hanger this is relatively cheap at just 599 rupees and it comes with a double-sided tape already attached to the base of the stand. 

This can connect directly under your desk for a hidden look and it also has inbuilt cable management makes it a really good accessory if you’re working from home especially.

9. TP-Link UH400 4-Port USB Hub

Now if you’re somebody who has a lot of peripherals this tp-link 4-port usb hub will  definitely come in handy it costs 889 rupees it’s got usb 3 speeds and it’s relatively compact as well so it won’t take up too much space on your desk the cable is short and it’s extremely portable.

10. Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Now finally we want to pair in some speakers now we do have two recommendations of speakers here as well.

So if you’re looking for good base and you want a bluetooth speaker that also connects with your laptop your tablet and your phone theme outdoor bluetooth speaker is fantastic because it has 20 hours of battery life we’ve tested this it’s also water resistant it’s also dust resistant and it cost about 1399 it has an inbuilt Microphone

So if you’re doing conference calls this is absolutely fantastic for that and it also has this elastic string on it and you can hang it off of anything and on the Headphone stand as mentioned earlier.

So these are some gadgets which ease your life while working from home. I hope you enjoyed the article and if you have any other suggestions let me know in the comment section below.


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