Office Tech To Invest In When You Already Have The Basics

After getting the necessary business tech like laptops, printers, and phone systems, you’re probably wondering what other pieces of technology are worth investing in. With so many options on the market, telling what’s actually useful from what’s just fluff can be quite confusing.

Before you get blinded by high-tech jargon and fancy features, it’s important to evaluate whether a device or a tech solution can really benefit your business.

Here are some recommendations of office tech that you should consider investing in.

Automation Tools

Automation tools are designed to increase productivity because they allow you to save time and effort. You can free yourself from doing manual tasks that are time-consuming and tedious so you can have more time to focus on more important things.

There are different types of automation products that can address numerous areas in your business.

Automation Software

Gone are the days when you have to manually send marketing emails one by one or track every response. There’s also no need to devote countless hours poring over data to generate reports or create projections. These are just examples of tasks that you can automate with just a few clicks.

Other examples of tasks you can automate using software applications include the following:

  • Social Media Posting
  • Customer Service
  • Messaging
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Email Marketing
  • Report Generation
  • File Backup and Management
  • Meeting Scheduling

Automation Equipment

There are physical automation products that not only help employees become more productive but they can also save your company time and money. A good example of automation equipment is the vending machine.

Vending machines are traditionally used to dispense junk food. However, modern offices are finding ways to reinvent this classic piece of equipment. Businesses who value employee wellness install vending machines with healthy options in order to make it easier for employees to make better food choices. Other companies use vending machines to dispense non-food items such as IT accessories, toiletries, and other gadgets.

Utilising a vending machine is an alternative to having a dedicated staff handle requests 24/7. Because of its self-service functionality, employees can easily get what they need without undergoing a lengthy request or ordering process.

Other examples of automation equipment include queue number machines, ticketing machines, and robot vacuum cleaners.

Smart Office Automation

If you want to take automation to the next level, then automating your entire workplace and turning it into a smart office is also possible. A smart office enables you to control all the electronic devices from one central panel. It is not just about automating one area of our business, but utilising automation at its maximum.

You can have the electricity, lighting, cooling, heating, internet, phone lines, and security systems all interconnected. You can also connect all the applications that the business use. Having a smart office has been shown to boost productivity, improve employee wellbeing, and also make an office more energy efficient.

Cloud services

With cybercrime and data theft targeting not only large companies but also SMEs, it is very critical for businesses nowadays to make sure that their data assets are secure. Years back, this meant investing in expensive servers and hard drives to backup data making it difficult for smaller companies to maintain a secure backup.

If you’re starting a business with no money or very little capital, the good news is that there are now cloud storage solutions that even you can afford. While there are free options like Google Drive that you can use as basic cloud storage, upgrading to a paid service does not cost too much money. 

Most cloud providers allow customers to sign up for flexible monthly plans that can be upgraded or downgraded. These paid plans often come with extra security features that would satisfy even the most paranoid online user.

Access control systems

If you have a large number of employees or if there are a lot of people coming and going into your office, installing an access control system is a good idea. This system will allow you to control who can enter and exit not only the main entryway but also the different rooms in your office.

Older access control systems make use of PIN codes and physical ID cards which can be swiped at access points. However, many companies now opt for biometric access control systems which require individuals to use their fingerprints or undergo a retina scan to access an area. This type of access control eliminates the problem brought about by forgetting PIN codes or losing access cards.

Multi-device keyboards

A multi-device keyboard lets you connect a single keyboard to more than one device is a smart piece of tech that can be more useful than you think. It is not unusual for employees to shift from their computers to their tablets, and then their mobile phones to perform their work. Providing your employees with a keyboard device that they can use as seamlessly can help your employees be more productive.

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Noise-cancelling headphones

When you do not have the space to offer your employees individual offices that can block out noise and distractions, giving them noise-canceling headphones can be the next best thing. Noise-canceling headphones reduce ambient sounds while you’re listening to music without needing to raise the volume at very loud levels. While most headphones do not cancel noise 100%, they are still a great improvement than regular earbuds. Plus, your employees will surely thank you for them!

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Wireless accessories

For many companies, mobility at work is very important. It allows employees to do their work without being tied to their desks. If you have already bought a laptop for your employees, why not go for wireless accessories as well. Examples are webcams, mouse, speakers, headsets, printers, and projectors. Having wireless accessories is very convenient and also frees you up from the headache of untangling so many cables. Checkout from Amazon

Productivity apps

As the name implies, productivity apps are designed to increase workplace productivity. These apps can aid in communication, collaboration, idea generation, and scheduling. There are many free productivity apps in the market but investing in a paid version of the popular ones will provide you with additional useful features.

Making smart tech choices 

Tech tools are designed to make people work faster, smarter, and easier. When choosing office tech to invest in, the most expensive solution is not necessarily the best choice. Carefully evaluate the features and choose a solution that suits your needs and budget.

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