Top 10 Free iOS Gaming Apps You Must Try

The holiday season is approaching real fast and you have plenty of time to spend stretching on your couch. To your amuse, down below is a great list of apps that can help you add more fun to the dullness of your life. You may have wandered on the App Store a lot of times but you sure must not have found the amazing apps that are absolutely free and can enthrall you completely.

IOS apps have the specialty that they are interactive with appealing graphics. No matter which app you choose it pleases you with its appeal. The gameplay is easy and the functionality is seamless as well. Whether you can want some fighting games, pinball or want to dive in the retro-classic style, there is a lot of find in the App Store. So, let’s begin hunting.

1. Flow Free

If you are eager to get some puzzle and mind-boggling games then you must download Flow Free. It’s a puzzle where you have to match the same colors geometrically. The grid appears with different colors circles and you have to draw lines to join the two same colors together. The stages get complicated as the game proceeds and it needs real smartness to uncap the trick.

2. Dig This

Among the latest games, Dig this is a fulfilled game that you must try. It’s a game where you have to dig the sand making tracks for the green ball to land in the pot. You have to overcome the hurdles and find the right angle and speed to safely bring the pot to its destination.

3. Woody

Woody is yet another puzzle game where the player has to place the blocks in a way that it completes on a horizontal or vertical line in the grid. Upon completion, the line disappears leaving more space for the player to use. It falls in the puzzle, mind games section, and is free to download.

4. Hill Dash 2

Hill Dash has a very simple interface with bright colors. The gameplay is simple and amazing and it indulges the users. It’s good for kids and adults as well as the car needs to be balanced with appropriate speed pressure and brake application. The routes are pretty jumpy that creates a challenge for the player to reach the destination.

5. Bottle Flip 3D

Bottle Flip 3D is an amazing game it teaches you balancing skills. It involves basic physics principles including speed, distance, and angle of elevation. You have to note the distance the bottle goes up upon your tapping. You need to keep the speed in mind. The game has two modes the inside the house interface and the outside scene and each have their own hurdles to pass.

6. Chess iOS

Chess is not just an app it’s a proper institute like platform that teaches you how to play the game. It has lessons and guidelines along with two options to play. You can go online and accept request of people using the apps from different corners of the globe or add your friends and enjoy defeating them. Chess has many features that help you spend your time learning some good defeating skills.

7. NinJump

NinJump is equally interesting as well and it’s absolutely free to play. The little samurai ninja runs on the wall of huge buildings with a street view with different rent hurdles in his way. He runs endlessly overcoming a lot of challenges like the flying birds, running squirrel and rockets. He slays down the hurdles with his sword and maintains his pace. There is a special white cover to protect him from the attackers as well.

8. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most commonly played games. Its fruit match is so addictive that it engages the players and make sure that they remain indulged in the game. Much like the other games, with each stage, the complexities of the game advances. You have to be smart enough to crack the complexities. It gives such app idea to the mobile app developers Dallas for adding easiness in the app’s functionality.

9. HayDay

Do you have a passion to play farming games? If so then HayDay is just the right game for you. The game is so carefully designed that it gives the player a more realistic feel. It has multiple farming areas from cropping to poultry to fruit stalls and you have to maintain the quality of your farm to earn points by selling good quality crops.

10. Killer Puzzle

Killer Puzzle is a great game based on a horror theme. It has different versions and is devilishly styled. Its charters are intimidating and the gameplay is equally enticing as well.

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