Some Steps to Make Your Own Shopping App Like Amazon


There was a time when people used to trade goods against other goods. As time passed and things progressed the concept of money got introduced. Now, fast forward hundreds of years and look at the business being conducted in the time we are living in right now. Traditional ways of doing business of doing business have long been becoming out dated.

Evolution of the business world:

Nowadays, the number of businesses in the world that are being run are in millions which are bringing in billions of dollars’ worth of revenue each day. With the introduction of new technology the cost of doing business and the time taken to conduct each transaction has minimized. With technology the business operations of every industry have been made easier and due to this ease a large number of people and companies have had the chance to start up with new businesses.

New ideas are entering the business world each day and more and more focus is now on customer satisfaction. The business world has shifted from being market oriented to customer oriented in the past fifty years or so. And due to this shift in the approach the fact that customer satisfaction is the priority of each business the quality of products and the prices have increased and decreased respectively.

Trading nowadays or should I say shopping for people nowadays has been very easy. People can conveniently sit back at home and buy anything from any corner of the world using the internet and get the products they’ve bought get directly delivered to their houses. First it used to be done on websites only but now we’ve even come a step ahead of that. We now have smart phone apps for this purpose and most people now prefer to buy things using apps on their smart phones rather than using their computers and or going on different websites.

A little introduction about Amazon: a Shopping App

Since Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in the year 1994 the world took a turn towards online trading. Amazon made Jeff Bezos one of the richest men in the world that’s how much people use Amazon to conduct their businesses. Amazon is not only a shopping app for people but it also provides people with a platform where they can go and sell their own brands and products. And there is not a product that you cannot find on Amazon. The wide range of products has made it possible for people around the world to get everything from one platform. Without a doubt it can be called one of the best platforms to conduct business, if not the best.

Looking at the success of Amazon and how its generating billions of dollars in revenue each year if you ever decide to create an app like Amazon then there are some easy steps that you can follow to go on about doing something like that. And building an app like Amazon is totally understandable too because why would anyone want to waste time and money on an idea which is not tried and tested. It’s not bad to go for innovation but innovation comes at a cost and not everyone might be able to bare that cost. So, you follow these simple steps if you want to make and run an app like Amazon.

Now the steps that I’m telling you about over here are the ones if you use an app developing tool. Now, since most app developing tools are more or less the same having almost the same features therefore these steps can be applied to almost all the tools.

Step number 1: The first step is simply to incorporate your business name in the business’s name section. Now basically your app is a shopping cart app therefore it is recommended a name that is catchy and that people can get familiarize with easily.

Step number 2: In this step you need to enter the market place in the app purpose section.

Step number 3: Now in this step you need to incorporate the most important feature that makes your app an E-commerce app. You are supposed to add the e-commerce feature in your app in this step.

Step number 4: In this fourth step you need to integrate the add product option in your shopping cart app. Make sure to be careful when you are doing this as if there is a problem in this step then it will have a direct impact on the number of sales being made through your app. Their might be a negative impact on the app if this step goes wrong even in the slightest.

Step number 5: Enter the categories of products that you will selling through your app. See, if you’re adding your products, which you have to sell, for the first time then you need to add the category as well and put these products in the right category.

Step number 6: After you’re done with all these steps then do check your app and test it thoroughly for bugs.

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