Realme Buds Air launched in India: Price, key features


  • Realme Buds Air looks like Apple AirPods but is priced at just Rs 3,999.
  • Buds Air comes in black, yellow and white colors.
  • You can go up to 17 hours on a single battery charge.
realme buds air color options

In a Budget, Realme’s first truly wireless earbuds have finally launched in India. Realme Buds Air is Realme’s first truly wireless earbuds, and truly an inspiration from Apple AirPods. They look the same and bring almost the AirPods features, but anyway, Realme manages to sell at price of Rs 3,999 almost one of what Apple has asked for their AirPods.

Realme Buds Air can be called a clone but it is a clone that is done just in the right way. Despite spending a fraction of the cost of the original AirPods, Realme Buds Air brings most of the smart features as well as its battery life. Despite having to work with the Android universe, you don’t have to go through a very long learning curve. Realme Buds offers Air in three different color variants – Black, Yellow, and White.

realme buds air connectivity


  1. Support:- Realme Buds Air is a wireless earbud that comes with wireless charging support which will be sold separately. Realme Buds Air is powered by a custom R1 chip with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and gives a total of 17 hours of music playback. It comes with real-time dual-channel transmission. Although it has a key feature of low-latency mode when you are playing the game, it claims to reduce latency by 51%.
  2. Case:- The case is similar to the AirPods case. Therefore, you can easily carry it on your trouser pocket or handbag. The case can charge itself via10W wireless charging and USB-C charger. Once fully charged, you can get up to 17 hours of battery life, with earbuds only giving up to three hours of battery life.
  3. Connectivity:- Buds Air provides a seamless connection, meaning that once you open the lid, the earbuds are automatically connected to your device via Bluetooth. Therefore, no additional buttons to press, which gives relief when you are using it while moving. At the time of pairing, you need to press the external button for three seconds. A blinking LED indicator above the button shows the battery status – green for above 75 percent, yellow for 50 percent, and red when the battery level is too low.
  4. Smart Gestures:- Wear detection works quite well. Thanks to an optical sensor, earbuds stop music when you eject one of the earbuds. However, if you place earbuds on a table with the ear tips facing the surface, the track starts automatically. When it comes to audio quality, Buds Air offers decent audio performance. However, the bass is lacking and no noise isolation means Buds Air is not suited to audiophiles. Call quality is clear and long stalks help with clear voice reception. This feature allows users to answer / end calls, switch music, and activate gaming mode. For example, you can use double click to stop a call or play or music playback. Similarly, you can triple-tap to move to the next track. A long press on one side will trigger Google Assistant or terminate or reject the call. When you long tap on either side, you enter or exit the gaming mode.


Realme Buds Air is one of the best, if not the best, truly wireless earbuds you can buy for less than Rs 5,000. Smart features, color choice, and long battery life make it a great everyday companion.

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