Pixy Mini: The World’s Most Powerful Powerbank for Its Size

Small, Portable, Light, and Powerful!

We have stepped up the game to set a new benchmark that defines portability and charging power all in one.

Even with a size smaller than a credit card, it can

  • Charge your phone 1-1.5 times
  • Fast Charge your phone from 0-60% in just 30 minutes! (4 x faster)
  • Dual Output – Charge 2 devices simultaneously!
  • Quickly recharge fully in just 1.5 hours! (3 x faster)
  • and much more!


What Good Is A Powerbank If You Don’t Bring It With You?

Heavy, bulky, and “should I?” are the first thoughts that come to our minds when deciding whether or not to leave your home with a power bank.

Most modern powerbanks are often heavy, bulky, and slow and do not take into consideration the burden of carrying them. That’s why we at Futurizta are excited to introduce the World’s Most Powerful Powerbank For Its Size, Pixy Mini.


What do these people have in common?

  • Imagine having a quick morning jog and your music suddenly cuts and you find you’re out of juice.
  • Imagine packing light for your business trip and finding out you can’t work on your iPad or call someone because you ran out of battery?
  • And now imagine you find yourself in the most amazing lookout with no battery left to capture this memory.

What do these people and you have in common? They didn’t have their powerbank with them because it’s heavy and a burden for their work, travels, and lifestyle.