Which Phone to Buy on Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale?

Amazon great Indian festival sale is almost here and it begins on October 17th and prime members are getting early access and yes there will obviously be a lot of deals on smartphones, budget mid ranges phones and flagships smartphones. 

So this is kind of the perfect time to buy a brand new smartphone, obviously there are a lot of options to choose and I’m gonna help you choose the best deals on the best smartphones.

So without wasting any more time let’s begin now,

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

Before this, there’s one interesting stat, I would like to share about why you should buy a smartphone from amazon. 

Well actually amazon is the leader in smartphone sales online according to counterpoint research, it accounted for 47% smartphone sales in India in the second quarter of 2020, so that’s great now.

That’s not the only reason, Amazon offers the best selling smartphones in multiple price points including the galaxy M Series, the Redmi Note Series, Oneplus smartphones, iPhones and a lot more.

So you have plenty of options plus amazon offers advantages like no cost EMI offers, exchange offers, Instant Discount on HDFC bank cards, debit cards, EMI’s, so yeah amazon is a great place to buy smartphones online. 

Deals on Phones Under 15K

Let’s start with the options under 15K that you can get during the sale.

1. Redmi Note 9 Pro

redmi note 9 pro

the first one I want to talk about is the Redmi Note 9 pro this is a great choice because it brings the snapdragon 720G  which means performance is pretty good there’s also a 6.67 inch full HD plus

display and a 48 megapixel quad camera setup now at its usual price of rupees 13999/-.

Note 9 Pro is a good option but during the sale it’ll get its first ever price drop and you’ll be able to get it at unbelievable prices so yeah stay tuned. 

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2. Galaxy M21

galaxy m21

Now next, If you love Amoled display and good cameras, you can also consider the galaxy m21 it’s the most affordable phone with a full hd super amoled screen plus it offers a 48 megapixel triple camera and a 20 megapixel selfie camera.

Now the galaxy m21 is usually priced at rupees 13999/-  but it will be available at rupees 13000/- during the sale, so that’s a nice discount plus you can avail six months of no cost EMI, if you want an installment now if your budget is slightly low.

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3. Redmi Note 9

redmi note 9

You can check out the redmi note 9 which is also a good choice thanks to its 48 MP Quad Camera setup full HD plus display and the mediatek helio G85 chipset. It also has a 22.5W fast charger in the box.

Now the redmi note 9 is priced at rupees 11999/-  but you’ll also get impressive discounts and will be available at its lowest ever price during the sale so that’s pretty exciting and check it out. 

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Deals on Phones in 15-20K

so those are some solid options but things are gonna get better and better

trust me watch this video till the end and hit it like if you like the deals now let’s talk about the options under the 15-20K price segment.

1. Galaxy M31S

galaxy m31s

The first phone in this segment is the galaxy m31s which is a new pretty well-rounded smartphone in its price. It has a very modern looking infinity super amoled display, 64 MP rear camera with IMX 682 sensor plus you all know about its intelli cam features.

If you like photography this is a very good option now, the galaxy m31s is usually priced Rs. 19499/- but during the sale you’ll be able to get it at Rs. 19499/-.

Now that’s a nice discount because this is a brand new smartphone there’s also the Redmi note 9 pro max in this segment which is basically the same as the Redmi note 9 pro but it has a more capable 64 megapixel primary rear camera, 33W fast charging support which means it charges faster than the Redmi note 9 pro and the base variant of the note 9 pro max comes with 6gb ram instead of 4gb on the note 9 pro.

Now it is usually available at the starting price Rs. 16999/-  but it will get its first ever price drop during the great indian festival sale.

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2. Galaxy M31

galaxy m31

So check it out another option is the galaxy m31 if you’re looking for a samsung phone that’s more affordable than the m31s but also packs in most of the features.

The galaxy m31 has a full hd plus super amoled display, a 64 MP Quad camera setup for some really good photos and a 6000Mah battery in total so it will definitely last very long.

Now it’s usually priced Rs.16500/- but during the sale it will be available at close to Rs. 15500/-  plus there’ll be a no cost EMI option.

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That’s Good I think, what you say about it let me know in the comment section below.

Deals on Phones Above 20K

So now let’s move on to mid ranges above Rs. 20000/- smartphones and these are some really popular smartphones so you’re gonna like the deals. 

1. Samsung Galaxy M51

galaxy m51

So first up in this segment i would suggest you to take a look at the galaxy M51 which you probably know comes with an insane 7000mah battery, the snapdragon 730G chipset and infinity Amoled display the imax 680 to 64 megapixel camera and support for features like single tick.

Now the galaxy m51 is usually priced at Rs. 24999/- but during the sale you’ll be able to get it for its lowest ever price of around Rs. 20999/- with bank offers plus if you pay via credit or debit card EMI’s you can get 12 months no cost EMI on the phone.

So yeah that makes it kind of a better deal so that’s great for you. 

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2. Oneplus Nord

oneplus nord

Moving on let’s talk about one of the most hyped phones of 2020, Oneplus Nord with the snapdragon 765G, a 48 MP Quad camera with ois and a 90Hz Fluid Amoled screen.

The 90Hz Amoled display is still very rare under 30,000 so this is a very good all-around option.

It is usually priced at Rs. 27999/- but you’ll be able to get it for around Rs. 25999/- along with bank offers and everything during the great Indian festival sale.

 So far, I have covered phones under Rs.15000,  15 to 20k price segment phones, even above Rs. 20000/- but what about flagship phones when they’re obviously deals on flagship phones as well.

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Deals on Flagship Phones

1. iPhone 11

iphone 11

The iPhone 11 is a great choice; it’s powered by the 813 bionic chipset features a liquid retina display and has really good cameras on the back

Now the iphone 11 which usually goes for 60K to 63K rupees will be down to under rupees 49999/- during the sale.

So yeah it’ll be a great time to get the iphone 11 if you’ve been holding out.

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2. Oneplus 8T

Also if you’re looking for a brand new android flagship option the upcoming oneplus 8t will be available on amazon now we already know that the oneplus 8t will pack a nice 120Hz display which is pretty awesome and also support 65W fast charging so yeah charging times will be ridiculously low plus it should have some great cameras as well.

Now the oneplus 8t will be available on amazon during the great indian festival sale and it will be a solid choice because well it’s one plus so check it out now.

Deals on Phones Under 10K

Those are the flagships but if you have a very tight budget of say under Rs.10,000,  you also have a few options

1. Redmi 9 Prime

The redmi 9 prime which is a solid buy in this price range so far it’s the only phone under Rs.999/-  to come in the FHD plus display, 6.5 inch, quad camera setup which is great plus the phone has a big 5020Mah battery so it should last pretty long.

Redmi 9 Prime is a good choice if you’re looking for a phone under Rs.9999/- during the great indian festival sale.

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2. Redmi 9

Now for an even more affordable option you can consider the redmi 9 which is a 6.53 inch display and a 5000Mah battery along with plenty of RAM for multitasking because that’s important now the redmi 9 is usually priced Rs.8999/- and this is another solid choice for phones under ten thousand rupees so check it out.

Well those were all the smartphone options that you can get during the amazon great indian festival sale which begins on october 17th with prime members like i said getting early access on october 16th itself.

 So which smartphone are you planning to buy during the great Indian festival say, let me know in the comments down below.

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