Whatsapp account will deactivate by using Clone.

According to the English newspaper Indian Express, Whatsapp is currently issuing a warning and is asking its users not to use third-party clones such as GB-Whatsapp Plus or GB-WHATSAPP.

The Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has more than a billion users and it is not easy to pair them with this app.

Whatsapp said in a strong warning that those people who are using the WhatsApp clone are a security risk and the company may not be able to violate the security rules.

Whatsapp has said that people who are using their app clones will be temporarily banned from their account. If a user’s account is blocked, they are advised to download the official version of WhatsApp.

Users who are using Gmail App other than WhatsAppSpace Plus, you have to save your chat history before downloading official Whatsapp.

Whatsapp spokeswoman told the Indian Express that Whatsapp takes care of the security of its users. For the privacy and security of their account, it is important that users download WhatsApp only from official app stores or websites.

According to the report, Whatsapp has temporarily banned users from using the popular chatting app clone. The company has warned that the complete chat history of users who violate the rules can be removed.

The company has also introduced a detailed guideline for switching your account from official non-official to WhatsApp and resetting the chat.

Step 1: To restore old chats, the user will back up the chat history on their informal app when the temporary restriction is lifted. Go to Whatsapp, click Options, click on Chat and tap on Backup Chat.

Step 2: Go to the device’s settings, now tap on the storage here and select the files and search the GB Whatsapp folder.

Step 3: Press the icon and rename the selected folder for WhatsApp.

Step 4: Download the Official Whatsapp App from the Google Play Store or AppStore

Step 5: Verify the phone number with OTP and select the restore for the backup chats.

Step 6: Whatsapp will withdraw your old cast from the unofficial app

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