How Web-Based Technology Influenced Online Gaming Business

The internet is constantly evolving. And, every time a new piece of web based-technology comes into existence, the online landscape changes. Blockchain, Cloud computing, the Onion network all of these technologies have helped shape the internet and made it what it is today.

The world of online gaming wasn’t left behind either. Each time a new and exciting piece of tech showed up, game developers saw it as an opportunity to improve online gaming. Let’s see how web-based technology has influenced the online gaming business.

fiber internet

Fiber Internet: The Web-Based Tech That Revolutionized the Online Gaming Business

The advent of Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and similar current-gen consoles is vastly different from the previous “incarnations” of such consoles. The internet, along with gaming marketplaces like Steam, has greatly increased the prominence of PC gaming.

Thanks to fiber internet and new generation consoles, the worlds of internet and gaming have become even closer. Instead of purchasing discs in a brick and mortar store, buying digital copies has become the standard.

Thanks to fiber internet, speed and lagging issues are no longer a concern for many gamers. It even allows gamers to download their newly purchased games almost instantaneously and start playing them within minutes.

The development of this web-based tech has been one of the leading drivers behind the popularity of eSports. Just a decade ago, the concept of an eSports athlete was inconceivable.

Today, prominent age-old sports teams have their own official eSports team. Back in 2018, 17 NBA teams participated in the inaugural season of the NBA 2K eSports League.

Facial Recognition

Online gaming is a world of avatars, skins, and personalized features. The modern gamer is not content with limited, generic customization options. Gamers want to be recognizable; they want to stand out from the crowd. And, now that the world of gaming has shifted online, that crowd is getting bigger and bigger.

That’s where facial recognition and 3D scanning come in. While it’s not yet in full swing, Intel’s Real Sense 3D camera is making it happen. It allows game developers to create games that allow each player to create a custom avatar that looks exactly like them.

The camera works by scanning 78 different points on a player’s face. More and more developers are following suit. EA SPORTS already has a feature like that in place called Game Face. It allows you to play as yourself in EA’s UFC and FIFA.

Voice Recognition and Voice Search

Playing games without a controller, keyboard, or touchscreen is becoming a reality. Some apps and games can easily recognize voice commands from players. This is partly due to the development of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Home.

Voice-controlled games are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, as of recently, there are even a few voice-controlled games in online casinos that offer a hands-free, convenient experience to players.

Back in 2018, the first online casino to add voice control games was the Wild Tornado Casino. The feature allows players to start playing their favorite games even easier and faster.

Some casino operators didn’t even have to develop their own tech to add voice control to their platforms. For instance, as a test ride, Unibet Casino added a Siri voice service to its app back in 2016. This feature allows iPhone users to voice-activate bets.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR headsets offer gamers an immersive gaming experience. The technology hasn’t been perfected yet, but it is becoming increasingly popular. The rise of VR gaming sets, such as Oculus Rift, has become one of the top portable entertainment trends of 2019. VR allows online gamers to interact with each other on an entirely new level.

So, aside from bringing games to their next evolutionary level, it has added a new dimension to the social aspect of online gaming. Hanging out in a VR game chatroom can be much more exciting than playing the game itself.

AR (Augmented Reality) has also stirred up the world of online gaming. The freemium mobile game Pokémon Go, perhaps the world’s most popular AR game, started a craze in 2016 when it first rolled out. Today, it has over 100 million active players. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons behind its success lies in the fact that it has done a great job of pairing AI with the social aspects typical of massively played multiplayer online games.

Mobile Gaming

The gaming experience is not reserved just for the living room and the arcade anymore, thanks to the advent of smartphones. Mobile tech has helped spread the love of online gaming to everyone.

Thanks to mobile devices, gaming has spread beyond the world of hardcore online gamers and console-consumers. The convenience and accessibility that mobile devices offer have made online games popular among older, not-so-tech-savvy generations.

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Online gaming and new and exciting web-based technology go hand in hand. Game developers have always been among the first ones to adopt new and exciting tech.

One could even say that online games have made high tech innovations like VR and AR a part of the mainstream. There’s no doubt that technological advances of the next decade will continue to improve the world of online gaming.

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