After U.S ban, Google restricts Huawei

In the last 24 hours, Google has announced that it plans to pull the Chinese company’s access to many of its major Android apps and services including Google Play Store, Gmail, Search and Chrome, however, a few hours after that the US has followed the Commerce Department is to temporarily remove trade restrictions with Huawei.

Huawei is facing charges of spying and collusion with the Chinese Central Government on this issue. Tensions have been increasing for the past 12 months by the Trump Administration – and while Huawei is developing its own OS in the case of Android bans, it is a Clampdown on Google’s proprietary services, which is likely to be Coupé de Grace.

Although the effect of security updates and the improvement of the OS may not be reduced and reduced, having no access to Google’s services, Huawei will be a deal breaker for smartphone owners, which is likely to be an unknowable brand.

Huawei is known globally for its smartphone brands, but the current charges are likely to be related to its lesser-known but equally important venture business. Huawei is the world’s largest IT network equipment vendor, and it is easy to see how important its hardware is on the global mobile ecosystem by seeing the impact of total hardware restrictions.

Simply put, if all the tools made by Huawei were removed from the consumer and business premises in the UK, millions of people would be without 4G and broadband for a long time.

So the consumer hand of Huawei is partly a victim of collateral damage. Hundreds of millions of smartphones have been sold by the company and none has been caught while transmitting data to the Chinese servers.

But there is loss and fear, uncertainty and suspicion (FUD) are likely to have a long-term impact on Huawei’s smartphone business.

Vibhor Arora

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