Apple Anti-Lost Strap turns AirPods Into Regular Earphones

And we have gone full circle. As consumers, we have moved from headphones and earphones to wireless Earbuds. Well, it seems that people who were previously very excited to show their AirPods are now too afraid to lose them.

The primary feature of AirPods, which attracted people to buy AirPods, was that they are lightweight and wireless, and it seems that this has now become a problem because people are afraid of losing them for the same reason.

Fortunately, we discovered some companies that are tapping into their fears and selling straps for airpods, so that they don’t lose them.

Well, I’m not kidding. It has been a long time since, from earphones to floating AirPods, but why do AirPods need a strap? Wouldn’t it be a strap that looks like regular earphones?

According to the reviews, people are rooting for earphone strap because they are afraid of losing them.

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Vibhor Arora

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