A Louis Vuitton brand on these earbuds will cost you $700

Louis Vuitton actually announced the “new” pair of wireless earbuds – Louis Vuitton Horizon earphones – priced at $ 995 and featuring the fashion brand’s iconic logo. But despite a new paint job and name, these are not new headphones at all; They are the master and dynamic MW07 buds that came out last year. Instead of costing the already expensive $ 299, you’ll pay an additional $ 700 for the LV logo.

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Master and Dynamic were already angled for the high-fashion end of the market by adding things like an asymmetrical design and unconventional colors to help MW07 earbuds stand out from the growing crowd. So the Louis Vuitton collaboration makes sense as the next logical place to take it – logical, that is, as long as you remember that they cost $ 700 more than their otherwise equal siblings.

In the review, it noted that the MW07 feels comfortable and good, but they were not worth the $ 299 price only because there are already plenty of cheaper options, such as the $ 159 AirPods or the $ 169 Elite 65T.

louis vuitton earbuds

Louis Vuitton appears to be selling three different colors of Horizon earbuds: a black model, a red model, and a black model with a blue and orange logo. While you will still be able to purchase a pair, there has not been a formal announcement, but supplies will be limited due to the nature of the fashion brand’s offerings.

It turns out, you can put a price on fashion, and in this case, it’s already $ 700 more than the cost of a pair of override headphones.

Here’s what comes in the giant box:

  • Two Louis Vuitton pouches
  • An Instruction Guide
  • An envelope with a wipe cloth that says Louis Vuitton.
  • Inside one of the pouches, you’ll find different-sized ear attachments to better fit for your ear.
  • Inside the other pouch is a USB-C charging cable and a USB adapter.(Both with LV’s logo printed on it.)
  • And finally, a zip-up case. Talk about extra. In there, you’ll find the earbuds with the charging case.

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