Instagram Upgraded with Tiktok Video Features

Facebook-owned Instagram is facing a really tough time with TikTok to catch up on the video sharing platform that has gained a lot of popularity over a considerable period of time. Now Instagram has introduced some new features to compete with TikTok. The photo sharing app has introduced three new options for sharing boomerang stories.

We have a good news for Instagram users, now Boomerang Stories will have three new options called SloMo, Echo and Duo. Along with this, users will also be able to use the edit feature in Instagram Stories, which will allow to trim the video length.

In an official statement, the company said

Your Instagram camera gives you ways to express yourself and easily share what you’re doing, thinking or feeling with your friends. Boomerang is an iconic part of that, and one of the most beloved camera formats. Instagram is excited to expand on the creativity and give you new ways to use Boomerang to turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected.

Using the new Slomo feature, users can slow down the speed of their original Boomerang video. The Echo feature enables users to create a double vision effect while enhancing the boomerang. Finally, the Duo feature helps users speed up and slow down by adding textured effects to the boomerang. Following this latest update, Instagram users will also be able to trim and adjust the length of their Boomerang videos.

These features will only be available on Instagram Stories and not on the Boomerang app. They can be accessed by shooting a boomerang video and then selecting the edit option marked by the infinity loop icon. While it typically captures only one second of video footage, repeated in a GIF-like loop for six seconds, the new effects will add some much-needed appeal to deal with the monotony of standard boomerangs.

Last month, Instagram launched a new feature, which enables users to share multiple photos in a single story. A feature called Layout and has been rolled out globally on both Android and iOS users.

Vibhor Arora

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