Instagram Partners with Swiggy, Zomato to Help Restaurant with Food Orders

Instagram Partners with Swiggy, Zomato to Help Restaurant with Food Orders

Under the initiative, businesses can share Instagram food order stickers on their stories and users can tap on them to place their orders via Swiggy and Zomato websites.

Instagram, a social networking service, on Thursday announced its partnership with online trading platforms, Swiggy and Zomato, to help small businesses survive amid the crisis of coronavirus. Instagram recently gave users the option to promote small (and local) businesses by placing stickers in their stories.

In addition, it has introduced a new ‘food order’ sticker, which businesses can share on their stories, and users can tap on them to place their orders through Swiggy and Zomato websites that allow businesses to drive sales.

This new sticker is interactive and will enable users to place food orders by tapping on it. You will be taken directly to the restaurant’s delivery menu. Nitin Chopra, head of industry, e-commerce and retail, Facebook India, spoke about the Swiggy and Zomato partnership, saying, “We want to do our part in helping small businesses stay open, keep in touch with customers, and be informed on how to navigate this crisis.

How to Use Instagram ‘Food Orders’ Sticker

instagram partners with swiggy, zomato

If you are a restaurant and want to drive sales through this new sticker, remember that you need a business (or creator) profile to use this feature. As a blogger, I have an Instagram creator account, so I went to the story section and clicked this picture.

Srivatsa TS, Vice President, Marketing, Swiggy said in a statement, “Supporting the small business ecosystem, especially the restaurant business, which is severely affected, is a big priority for us. As physical disturbances continue and the business gets new with the online model, features such as food order stickers from Instagram will help drive engagement between customers and their favorite food businesses, and ideally will have a positive effect on increasing online food delivery order volumes.”

Now, if you swipe up on the screen, all the stickers accessible to you will appear, then you will see that a new sticker “food orders” is available in the front and center. Tap on this food ordering sticker and you will be asked to add a partner link – either Swiggy or Zomato. You can choose the delivery platform from which you want to drive orders.

Once you have added the food ordering sticker, publish the story and you’re done. Users will now be able to order from Instagram Stories, which will give a boost to your business during these difficult times. Users can also share these stories on their own profiles to spread the word. This is a major initiative for eateries that have been affected by the nationwide lockdown.

Sandeep Anand, Chief Marketing Officer – Growth Marketing, Zomato said, “We are focused on the overall growth of the food delivery sector and are working with restaurants to design different growth models. Instagram’s food order sticker is just for restaurants Introducing themselves will not help. Customers, improve their business but also add a new growth income to their businesses.”

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