Google Is Finally Preparing to Release a Tile API for Wear OS

Google appears to be gearing up to eventually release the Tile API for Wear OS wearable platform.

Compared to Apple’s WatchOS, developments are much lower for WareOS and meanwhile it is often felt that Google has given up. However, when it comes to the wearable platform, it is not completely thrown into Google’s towel.

Google Announced Tile API for Wear OS

In 2019, Google announced Tiles ’, for WareOS. Tiles are essentially widgets that provide engaging information to the user in one swipe:

Initially limited to just five tiles, Google supported OS Wear in September to support up to ten.

Despite being released a year ago, the tiles are limited to Google’s own and third-party developers are left out in the cold. It is finally set to change in the coming weeks.

On December 17, the Android open source project showed a commitment titled ‘Initial Commitment to Warm Tiles API‘, which is quite self-explanatory.

There is no guarantee that Google will make the API public (although it is highly likely), but, if it merges, developers using the latest version of AndroidX will at least call for the API Can begin. 

With the release of the official Tile API, we should see more developers jumping on board and bringing exciting new tiles for wearable OS-powered smartwatches. No one knows when Google plans to release the API publicly.

Although rumours of a ‘Pixel Watch’ have made the rounds for some time, we are yet to see any definitive WearOS devices that have achieved the same traction as wearables from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

With better internals now available for iOS devices, it is possible that Google is making another big push in the wearables market.

The increased speed of software updates will help to support the theory.

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