eX-Mars: The First Intelligent Robot Cube

An intelligent robot cube from Korea that features step-by-step solving instructions, auto-scrambling, time recording, and More…

If you are able to solve cubes, the EX-MARS Intelligent Robot Cube will take your hobby to the next level. This robot cube basically acts as your assistant by scrubbing yourself and placing a timer for you. You go unsafe before your roommate stops twisting Rubik’s cube. Additionally, this means that you will get an exact time as you will not have to start and stop the clock yourself. This is not all intelligent cube does: it also teaches you how to ignore it in learning mode. If you are a beginner, you can follow EX-MARS as it moves on its own, showing how to uncheck the cube. And this robot cube with fun music will help you stay focused. Last, you can use the eX-Mars mobile app to connect and compete with other Cube players around the world using the XM-Cloud solution.

Vibhor Arora


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