Coronavirus Tracking Tech Already on Your Phone – How to Find It

Coronavirus Tracking Tech Already on Your Phone – How to Find It

According to news published in the Birmingham Mail your phone already has a Coronavirus tracking option – even if you haven’t installed it yourself.

It turns out that all iPhones and Android phones have a tool that enables the user to see if they are in contact with someone with the Covid-19.

It is reporting that the tracker has been automatically turned off on all phones – but if turned on, it can play a big role in preventing the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus Tracking – How to Find It

The new tool, called “Covid-19 Exposure Notification”, is a contact tracing system. It is an add-on that aims to alert people who are in contact with an infected person.

Apple and Google announced a joint effort on April 10, and Apple rolled out the plan with its iOS 13.5 which was released on May 20.

Owners of iPhones can find it by going to ‘Settings’, then ‘Privacy’, and then ‘Health’.

If you have an Android device, the tracker is placed under ‘Settings’ and then ‘Google Settings’.

The tracker works by exchanging random IDs with other devices using Bluetooth. If you have been exposed to COVID this enables an app to notify you. But Exposure Logging cannot use any data or add any data to the Health app.

According to Apple, users cannot turn on exposure logging without an authorized app that can send exposure notifications.

The news of the tracker is welcome after the news surfaced last week that the government has been forced to abandon its own contact-tracing app after spending three months and millions of pounds on technology that experts repeatedly warned Will not work.

In an embarrassing U-turn, Matt Hancock said the NHS would turn into an option designed by Apple and Google – but it is a few months away from being ready.

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