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Pixy Mini: A Powerful Powerbank Smaller Than a Credit Card Leave a comment

~ Australian-based Futurizta launches Pixy Mini, the world’s most powerful powerbank for its size. 

~ Pixy Mini is smaller than your credit card, and it easily fits in your pocket. 

~ Moreover, Pixy Mini comes with a USB C and USB A dual output and easily transforms into a portable/miniature charging station to fast charge two devices simultaneously.

As featured on Yanko Design This Ridiculously Tiny 20w Power Bank Can Recharge Your iPhone, iPad, and Even Your Macbook

October 2021: Thanks to technological advancements, today, our smartphone screens are getting bigger, and the phones are getting thinner. When our devices are becoming smarter, slimmer, and lighter, why do we need to carry heavy and oversized powerbanks that add additional weight and create an unnecessary inconvenience?

Here’s the answer to this universal question: most users are compelled to use bulky and oversized powerbanks as the compact ones fail to charge faster or hold enough energy. What good is a powerbank if you often hesitate to bring it with you?

Fortunately, your search for the most compact powerbank ends here as Australian-based futuristic and innovative gadget maker Futurizta launches the world’s most powerful powerbank for its size.

Pixy Mini is smaller than your credit card and the most portable powerbank that easily fits in your pocket. It’s so compact and light that you won’t even realize it’s there until you need it.

The best powerbank is the one that allows you to use your smartphone and other devices on the go. Most of us usually avoid carrying a big and bulky powerbank with us due to the additional weight and bulge. Pixy Mini weighs only 98g/3.45oz, making it possible to take it wherever you want.

It takes years of experiments and enormous amounts of problem-solving to create a powerbank that matches the size of a car key, making it extremely easy to keep in your pocket. This extraordinary design makes Pixy Mini the ideal go-to powerbank for short trips. 

Pixy Mini was designed with the idea of changing the current user experience of powerbanks on the market, which are mostly heavy, bulky, and slow charging. We at Futurizta think a backup charging solution should be effortless and provide you with ease of mind while you enjoy the best moments in life. With Pixy Mini, we want people to never settle for less or give in; that’s why we are telling everyone it’s time for a change.

Alex Jia Jun, Founder of Futurizta and the creator of Zeus-X Pro

Currently, some smartphone manufacturers offer high-capacity battery phones that can last for two days. However, these phones come with added bulk and heft. Today, everyone wants slim and handy devices but also wants to stick with the portable fast-charging capabilities.

Pixy Mini is not just smaller and lighter; it is also mighty. It delivers 20W power, which means you can portably fast-charge your iPhone or Android devices from 0-60% in just 30 minutes.

Alex Jia Jun, an Australian inventor, is a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering from The University of Sydney. Alex founded Futurizta, an e-commerce company, in 2018.

The expert team at Futurizta has been developing innovative and futuristic gadgets that solve real-world problems. Alex and his team have successfully raised funding from two Kickstarter campaigns. His recent Kickstarter campaign raised over AUD 100,000. 

After successfully developing and delivering several innovative gadgets, Futurizta has now designed Pixy Mini to rejuvenate your phone quickly so that you can disconnect from the powerbank instantly and be “wire-free” in a flash.

Moreover, Pixy Mini comes with USB C and USB A dual output and quickly transforms into a portable/miniature charging station to fast charge two devices simultaneously.