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Tesla Cybertruck got around 200K orders after the unveil

HIGHLIGHTS Tesla Cybertruck tri-motor AWD variant has a range of more than 500 miles. Tesla Cybertruck price range starts at USD 39,900. Tesla Cybertruck comes with a 17-inch touchscreen. According to the Auto News featured in Business Insider, Tesla Cybertruck is making a record of sorts. The automaker has already received 1.87 lakh orders for […]Read More

7 Types of Animations that are Used in the Industries

Animation can be considered as an imitation of the real world but through a different medium. In this process, still pictures can be seen in motion and that is due to the frames that have been sequenced together, one after another to form a movement. Animation can also be accompanied by a narrative, not just […]Read More

Some Steps to Make Your Own Shopping App Like Amazon

Introduction: There was a time when people used to trade goods against other goods. As time passed and things progressed the concept of money got introduced. Now, fast forward hundreds of years and look at the business being conducted in the time we are living in right now. Traditional ways of doing business of doing […]Read More

NoiseFit Evolve smartwatches launched in India, for 5499/-

Noise has launched a new smartwatch in India. These include NoiseFit Evolve and Noise Fit Evolve Sport. The launch of NoiseFit Evolve and NoiseFit Evolve Sport will take place soon after the ColorFit Pro 2 fitness smartwatch back in October. In particular, the latest offering will be available through the brand’s official website starting November […]Read More

Choking Environment: Here are 10 Best Air Purifiers You Can

If you have been following the news for a long time, you must have heard about the deteriorating air quality index. Air quality has deteriorated so much that living conditions have been compared to living inside a gas chamber. The reasons for this extreme situation can be debated for months to come, however, there is […]Read More

Best Gadgets To Gift your Loved Ones this Festival Season

If you are wondering what to gift you this festive season, then we may just have answers for you. If you are looking to gift gadgets this festive season, then the number of options may be overwhelming you. Sometimes you think what to gift, but not necessarily know which model or brand to get because […]Read More

Google may soon let you search with a screenshot

Google 9 to 5 is the pairing on two mobile screen-related features, “edit and share screenshots” and AI-powered “What is My Screen,” according to some APK excavations by Google. The latest version of the Google 10.61 app has a new feature called “Smart Screenshots”, which brings an updated toolbar when you take a screenshot. As […]Read More

eX-Mars: The First Intelligent Robot Cube

An intelligent robot cube from Korea that features step-by-step solving instructions, auto-scrambling, time recording, and More… If you are able to solve cubes, the EX-MARS Intelligent Robot Cube will take your hobby to the next level. This robot cube basically acts as your assistant by scrubbing yourself and placing a timer for you. You go […]Read More